Haunted Ortega Road – Montecito, CA

By , September 14, 2008 9:57 pm

ortega road


The ghosts of 3 nuns alledgedly tortured and killed by Indains have haunted this roadway for over 100 years. Las Tres Hermanas, as they have come to be called, stand on the roadside with their arms folded, wearing black and white habits. Ortega road is located in Montecito, which is on Highway 192 in Santa Barbara County.


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  1. genesis_nemesis81 says:

    This sounds like a pretty solid strip of road so since I’m close enough I think I’ll check it out next week. I’ll post what I find.

  2. lolzwhat says:

    i checked it out yesterday and screamed my head off when i drove and saw them my mom was scared we speed faster and faster

  3. mojo12boo says:

    The downslope from Ortega Ridge (called Ortega Road) headed toward Carpinteria passes through Summerland. Summerland has it’s own ghosts; this area is very active. What isn’t(or obscurely) reported is that when one follows Via Real to the end of the Summerland commercial district, Greenwell Ave. cuts off to the left & up into the hills. For 40 yrs. I’ve tried to drive over Greenwell & once forced myself to-all my instincts told me NO!& I was overwhelmed w/terror.Never again! I KNOW Las Tres Hermanas are there & on Ortega Rd.; I’ve seen them since before I knew what/who they were & they intend to scare people b/c they’re sad & jealous. Have had a lot of encounters w/spirits & am not alarmed in the least, but Las Tres Hermanas are the strongest and the ONLY scary ones I’ve ever encountered. Seriously-spirits don’t confine themselves to one specific location. Most are harmless, but TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS & be careful on Ortega Rd. & vicinity. The road is tricky at best & has been tragic. Las Tres Hermanas are also known as Las Lloronas (The Sad/Crying Women). Doubt at your own peril.

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