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Sierra Bonita and Hollywood Blvd – Hollywood, CA

By , August 22, 2016 6:41 pm


Like flashbacks of the old west or a scene from one of the great Hollywood westerns from back in the day, pedestrians and motorists passing through this intersection have reported a wide variety of pioneer-era apparitions. Indians running around on foot and also on horseback are the most common sightings reported.

There have also been occasional sightings of flying tomahawks and arrows as if there is some battle from the past being re-fought; or maybe they are being thrown to warn the people that they shouldn’t be where they are.

One driver reported ran into a tree when he swerved to avoid a ghostly covered wagon crossing through the intersection. Most sightings have occurred at the intersection of HollyWood Boulevard and Sierra Bonita Boulevard, at 1700 West Sierra Bonita.

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Prospectors Road – Georgetown, CA

By , August 29, 2009 8:19 pm

prospectors-roadThis dangerous seven-mile mountain road runs between Georgetown and Lotus, parallel to Marshall Road. 

In the last 150+ years, Prospectors Road has claimed many lives due to its treacherous location.  The ghost of a grumpy old prospector doesnt help the situation any.  Reports say that if you see the weeds along the side of the road begin to part, watch out.  Once the weeds part, the old prospector floats up the embankment and confronts drivers as they pass.    He points his bony finger and silently mouths the words “Get off my claim”.  I wouldn’t argue with him.

Haunted Ortega Road – Montecito, CA

By , September 14, 2008 9:57 pm

ortega road


The ghosts of 3 nuns alledgedly tortured and killed by Indains have haunted this roadway for over 100 years. Las Tres Hermanas, as they have come to be called, stand on the roadside with their arms folded, wearing black and white habits. Ortega road is located in Montecito, which is on Highway 192 in Santa Barbara County.


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